Monday, 21 May 2007

Whiskey; Irish Blended

Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey.
40% Vol. blended whiskey from Kilbeggan close to the middle of Ireland.
700ml bottle € 23.00 in Superquinn.

I've been to several Kilbeggan tastings of the higher Whiskeys and am decided to get in some more practice for the Celtic Whiskey Shops annual Whiskey Tasting competition.

Like all Irish Whiskeys this is a lot smoother than both Scottish and American Spirits. It is a pleasant whiskey but there is a harshness in the length of the drink that does not really suit it. This may well be due to the Whiskeys young age, probably 8 years old.

Its a nice whiskey, but not one I'd spend money on in a pub.

Their older versions are excellent and well worth the money but for a few yo-yo's more go for the Jameson.


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