Friday, 12 October 2012

The next odd decision

I changed jobs over a year ago and since then have done >…< this much exercise.
Done some stretching, and other bits but bugger all else. So to fix it for the last few weeks I've been getting bike, kit and my brain sorted to cycle to work.
One way trip, 3.6 Km
Hills to work 0.1 Km
Hills to house 3.5Km

I got a slagging from a work colleague that I knew the exact distance. Well when you coast down to need to know the pain home.

Anyway, 2 days down and all is well. I even get thinking time as opposed to listen to pointless radio rambling.
Have to drive tomorrow, as I need a suit for the far side if the city. I'm disappointed, but my butt is happy.

Next time Linux distro ( so far, Red Hat, Centos and Ubuntu), Windows 2008 and higher and really bad IP communication.