Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Add a "Tile" to Windows 8 Server

To add a program to the "Start" List

Hit Windows key

Right click on the background and and hit All Apps

Select the program “App” you want, in this case Command Prompt and “Pin to Start”

Now Command Prompt is available in the “Start Menu”

 And I can drag it to the location I want!

Woooooo Hoooo

Batch file open with

I broke this before a few years ago and well it appeared again as one of the lads at the forum posted about the same issue and how to fix it.

When I broke it, I was doing god knows what and had a backup, but was curious. Its simple to fix and shows us a bit more about windows and file associations.

First off, my best advice, if you did this on a production machine and do not remember how, rebuild it. If its a hurry try this.

From a command prompt type the following;
assoc .bat 
This should give the following output


If not in the command window to restore the default file type association type

assoc .bat=batfile

Easy peasy

Win8 Funny - to be explored or answered

Demo MS Machine

Ram indicates 0GB, yet

Indicates 2GB of RAM.

Hummm, time to install a guest to my own machine.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Windows 8 and bits I've learnt so far.

Stuff I've learnt so far.

Office 2010 Plus install would not install off the ISO with the built in "mount iso" option as it kept looking for the Powerpoint installer, even when I only selected install Outlook 2010.
So I mounted the ISO on another machine and installed from there - odd.

Setting an item from a "tile" to a shortcut, hit the windows key, right click on the tile and select the option you want;
Some shortcut keys and what they do;
Win + D Show Desktop.
Win + E Open Windows Explorer.
Win + I Open Settings Charm (plus Control Panel, Personalization, PC Info, and Desktop Help).
Win + X Open Desktop quick menu (it’s like a mini Start Menu!)
Win + R Open Run Dialog.
Win + T Cycle through Desktop apps on the Taskbar
Alt + Tab   Open next App (rotates through Apps, Desktop apps each have one place in rotation).
(release Tab,repeat)
Alt + 1 to 9 Open the pinned Taskbar application

Some mouse actions and what they do;