Sunday, 11 March 2012

Lync 2010 and Federation

We recently got Lync 2010 in-house and started looking to see what can be done to federate with some of the people we work and co-operate with.

To check if you can federate with someone, they need to have a DNS record on

While there are other requirements, the easiest to check is the DNS Service record named _sipfederationtls._tcp.domain.

This should point to a valid DNS A record to an Access Edge server formatted

access_edge_servername.domain and point to port 5061.

To see what it looks like here is Microsoft's record, open a command prompt and use the command

nslookup -q=srv

To federate with Office 365 I tried using the Control Panel but it would not accept the information, so I ended up using a powershell command to add federation will all of Office 365

New-CSHostingProvider –identity LyncOnline –ProxyFqdn –Enabled $True

I'm still looking into why this is not displayed in the Lync Control Panel!

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