Thursday, 5 July 2007

Yahoo pictures

Yahoo have decided to pull their Yahoo pictures site and replace it with Flickr or something similar.

Now I'm not a photographer or a camera expert but it was cool having a site I could post pictures to and share with family etc.

Now I don't want to use flickr or any of their other options, so I have to pull all of my pictures individually off the yahoo site after them giving me software to upload as many pictures as I wanted in one just seems a bit mad folks. Do you think I'm going to automatically just move to whom you suggest.

I can do the tours, and look at the pretty expert arranged pictures etc, but all I want is an easy interface to upload pictures, and a handy way to edit them and I don't see it on any of your suggestions... Lots of sites to log onto but no easy winner. So I'm going to pull them all and go else where. Thanks for storing them safely and allowing me to use the service, but thanks a bunch for the ease of getting them off.


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