Wednesday, 4 July 2007

New Family addition

I was wandering thru different people blogs and got extremely surprised by a quote I saw about myself......I aint there yet but hopefully someday I will.

I'm very lucky to have a collection of online, on the phone and at the bar mates who are the real source of info as all I do is re-iterate it all back to those who don't know yet.

Anyway, IT is starting to take a back seat as my family and I start making the necessary plans to welcome the latest addition to the family. Hopeful as much joy will be gotten as from the previous incarnation, and it will need as much care and attention as the last.

All things going well, a public display will occur around September and and that stage all of Europe will know about hats off to the imminent arrival of my new iPhone, oh and a new baby as well.


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