Wednesday, 4 July 2007

IMFv1, Exchange SP2 and error 0070002

A customer wanted a free spam solution.

They read in an industry magazine that IMF would be the free spam solution.
They wanted IMF installed onto their Exchange Server as their Spam solution.
Their Exchange server had not been built to optimum specifications or availability. ( right....put your own English in here!)

They insisted we installed IMF, we advised a third party AV/Spam/ Greyware solution, it worked out at X per client or 27 by X for the company, we'd support it etc.

No....IMF all the way. So 13 chargeable hours later, and 2 hours every 2 weeks to make sure we hit the IMF update install window the client is now wondering why the trade magazine called it free!

For those stuck in the dilemma of IMFv1 and SP2 for exchange here are a few links I found.

Unbelievably or otherwise you need to uninstall IMFv1 before you install SP2 for exchange.
Now IMFv1 can give you trouble to uninstall so you actually need to install it again and uninstall it, but MS pulled it from the download sites!

So what now Joe?

Copy of IMFv1 download.

If your sure you have IMFv1 Installed but can't find it in add/remove programs, make sure updates is ticked, try this in the run window;

MsiExec.exe /X{DCE4D1BC-6E15-433F-99FE-D7F7A2FDC0FF}

There are various regedits and hacks but they didn't work for me so I haven't posted them.
Then go ahead and try SP2.

Long story short, the client would have been better off paying for the Third party offering we were supporting, as opposed to us trying, and I mean trying to get a free spam solution working and re-configure a god awful piece of high end AV software by a large software company with dreadful Tech Support.


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